Episode 27 – World Urban Forum: A Conversation

Mike and Jennifer Brungardt have lived and worked in Latin American cities for almost two decades. In this episode, Michael talks with them about the World Urban Forum, a global conference convened by UN-Habitat to discuss urban challenges.

Time stamps

  • 1:56 Tell us just a little bit about yourselves
  • 2:37 So you have been LA in Latin America, you said serving, what are the kinds of things that you guys are doing?
  • 3:36 What was the traditional assumption about urban ministry, and then what’s been one thing that maybe has shifted or been a bit of a paradigm adjustment?
  • 6:27 Tell us about the Bogota that you don’t see in movies about drug cartels, and tell us about Latin American urbanism kind of more broadly as well.
  • 9:14 You talked about the effect of the eighties and nineties on street life and on people. Has that had an effect on the church and how has the church kind of fought through that or has it fought through that?
  • 10:48 Do you find any common threads engaging cities across Latin America?
  • 13:15 Let’s talk about the World Urban Forum, which is a UN-Habitat sponsored event.
  • 18:21 What were some things that you guys picked up regarding wath people want to see happen in their cities?
  • 19:57 Were there some things that you guys heard that maybe those are tension points with what your vision for a city might be and what someone else’s vision for a city might be?
  • 29:49 What was a session or two that stood out to you as, as interesting, or maybe brought some application for you?
  • 33:53 What else would you say to those that have never been to anything like this who may be skeptical and saying this sounds like a waste of time and money. How is this really going to affect my ministry?
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    This episode was hosted by Michael Crane and produced by Radius Global Cities Network and Scott Slucher. It was edited by Kristen Sosebee