Episode 26 – Cities with No Memory of Christianity

In this episode we talk to Dr. Chris Swann, the Director of Church Planting for City to City Australia, about how to engage cities that have little memory of Christianity and where secularism has become the norm.

Time stamps

  • 1:37 Tell us a little bit about yourself, and your family and how you came to know Jesus.
  • 4:40 You said Melbourne is a good fit for you and less so Sydney. So how would you describe the difference?
  • 7:17 So you’ve done your own theological studies all the way through PhD and you are in this work of equipping church planters. What can you tell us about that, that part of your story?
  • 12:02 Let’s look at little bit just about the context you’re in. Australia and City to City also engages with New Zealand as well. So how would you describe the spiritual climate of Australia and maybe New Zealand?
  • 19:28 Given that spiritual climate as sort of our base, you’re now, you know, what your neighbors are curious about, you’re actually starting new churches in this place where there’s this rich Christian heritage, how have you seen God work through church planters?
  • 29:16 What are some common obstacles that you have come across in equipping church planters?
  • 36:09 What would you say you have to sort of unlearn from that stuff and then relearn for the city context, particularly the cities that you’re working in?
  • 40:48 What are some ways that people can engage with you and your thinking? 42:03 What is the name of your book that’s coming out? 42:35 Do you have any recommendations on resources related to church planting, something you would put in front of people?