Episode 24 – Multicultural in Paris

What good is an English-speaking multicultural church in Paris? This week we talk with Parker Windle, senior pastor of Emmanuel International Church, about how his church has found vital ministry serving and engaging English speakers from all around the world in this global city.

Time stamps

  • 1:29 So tell us a little bit about yourself and your family and how you met Jesus.
  • 2:25 And so then how did you end up, you know, overseas or even end up going to Beeson Divinity school? How did that calling to ministry develop in you?
  • 3:38 And now you are pastoring an international church. Fill us in a little bit on that.
  • 4:18 Now how old is this church? And then I think, you know, you and I have, uh, had some conversation, you mentioned something about planting as well. So take us through the history of the church you’re currently in. And then what what’s this pant planting look like?
  • 6:41 Take us through the potential planting or the planting.
  • 9:04 Tell us about Paris, but tell us kind of the unmedia-oriented Paris. What’s suburban Paris like?
  • 11:34 How have you processed, cause I think you have maybe gone on a journey here, right? In terms of the Great Commission and what that calls Christians in the church to do, um, how have you processed the, the role of the international church in that mix?
  • 16:21 So I think when people start to think about 32 nations and you’re preaching on a regular basis, how do you engage all of those people? How do you think through worldviews and cultural context and application points? And I mean, the list could go on and on how do you angle a sermon for that kind of diversity?
  • 18:04 How do you love the city well, how do you fit in as somewhat of an outsider, but still wanting to partner and collaborate with the French church to engage the city?
  • 22:16 What have you, what have you learned about ministry in the city? The nature of an urban church? How would you now reflect on the challenges and opportunities that an urban church may face that may be different than, you know, Carrollton or Aliceville?
  • 25:58 What have you learned about urban church planting since you’ve been, been in Paris?
  • 28:34 What else have you learned through this process and in particular, maybe the urban context, what are some things that, you know, for those listening that are thinking about planting a church in the city, what are some things that you’ve, you know, you’ve said you’ve done feasibility studies, what are some things to consider?
  • 31:34 As we’re thinking about these things, what resources would you direct listeners to, specifically you mentioned a podcast that you’re doing, I would love for you to highlight that for us.
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    This episode was hosted by Michael Crane and produced by Radius Global Cities Network and Scott Slucher. It was edited by Kristen Sosebee