Episode 23 – Ukraine: Serving Those in Need

In this episode we talk to Dr John White who has lived and worked in Ukraine for more than 20 years. Dr White gives us insight into the rich history of Ukraine’s cities and shares with us how the evangelical seminary where he teaches in Kiev is serving those in need during the war with Russia.

Time stamps

  • 1:33 Tell us a little bit about who you are and your background, your family, how you met Jesus.
  • 3:39 Tell us some of the things that maybe we don’t get in the media. Maybe, in particular, something about the cities of Ukraine and then also maybe about the state of the church there.
  • 8:41 About Kiev and maybe some of the other cities that we’re hearing a lot about in the news, but – particularly with your urban missions hat on – some thoughts there, just the nature of the cities and the needs of the city.
  • 11:36 How would a more Russian city and a more Ukrainian city differ?
  • 14:46 So tell us a little bit about the seminary that you’ve been teaching at.
  • 18:01 Tell a little bit about how that program seeks to engage the city, particularly cities in that part of the world.
  • 23:45 I think I’ve seen some of your communication about the seminary since the war began, that the seminary has been pretty active in, in a variety of ways in trying to serve the people, but also continue with the seminary activities?
  • 31:34 For those listening how can the church be praying during this time for Ukrainians and for the church in Ukraine or for the seminary in Ukraine? What are your thoughts there?
  • 36:35 What about if there are listeners that want to, to help in some way, give in some way, are there ways they can give to the seminary or give in another way?
  • 39:16 Tell us a little bit about how anyone interested can access your work or learn more about who you are. Are you on social media in any way?