Episode 22 – Rubik’s Cubes and Urban Diversity

In this episode Michael talks to Saba Vasquez about diverse cities, how to equip church planters to reach these cities, and how he uses a Rubik’s cube to describe and tackle the diversity of a city.

Time stamps

  • 1:23 “Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you met Jesus.”
  • 5:10 “Tell us a little about Toronto the city…pull back the covers a little bit”
  • 7:51 “There’s no way to go to a city like that and not rub shoulders with all of these different cultures, and as you said, histories, and then that begins to shape you, right?”
  • 8:30 “Sometimes people talk about a city having a personality, how would you pin that on Toronto?”
  • 10:49 “Would you say Toronto’s post-Christian newness is sort of on level with Canada in general? Or would you say that diversity has contributed?”
  • 12:21 “So then describe the state of the church in Toronto, what did you find when you went there?”
  • 15:16 “You’re there with a desire to really reach those that are not engaged with the gospel”
  • 18:41 “You sometimes use a Rubik’s cube to describe and tackle the diversity of a city…”
  • 23:41 “So you know you’ve got this hyper-diverse city and you’re seeing kind of the multicultural or multiethnic church not necessarily engaging the city…how do you tackle it? How do you get at all of this diversity all at once?”
  • 27:37 “When you talk about networks though it’s really hard, or I found its really challenging, to build trust, to build buy-in, and for it not to begin to create some new division lines, whatever those may be along, theological lines, denominational lines….how do you navigate some of that?”
  • 30:05 “What would you say to, I speak to a lot of folks that are trying to engage cities that struggle because they’re not finding any of those types of partners?”
  • 34:03 “Tell us about something cool that you’ve seen happen that expresses maybe an innovative approach to engaging a group in the city.” 37:57 “What advice would you give to an urban church planter or someone who wants to see bunches of churches starting coming into a city?”
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    This episode was hosted by Michael Crane and produced by Radius Global Cities Network and Scott Slucher.