Episode 21 – Antioch

This week we join the staff of a young church plant in Birmingham, AL to hear how they aren’t landing with a big plan, but instead working it out as a church community to cultivate a presence of intentionality and service in the urban core of their city.

Time stamps

  • 2:00 Share a little but about your background (staff)
  • 3:07 Tell us a little but about the background, the story of Antioch
  • 6:23 Just out of curiosity church planting in your brain and church planting in real life, what were a couple kind of shocking differences with real life church planting?
  • 8:28 Gloria what drew you to Antioch
  • 10:23 Katie, what about you? What brought you to Antioch?
  • 13:07 Talk us through the shifts in address and what that has done for Antioch.
  • 15:40 Did you notice any shifts when you moved into the church space as opposed to the park space?
  • 16:53 How does Antioch seek to engage and disciple college students?
  • 17:56 In terms of the diversity that Katie you already expressed in the church, and you talked about it from different angles, age and maybe even national origin and some other things, is that an intentional effort from Antioch? How, how has that come about would you say?
  • 20:16 The Antioch staff looks a little bit different. Talk about that.
  • 24:14 What are you guys thinking in terms of Antioch ministering well to the city and serving the city?
  • 25:20 You’ve got a social work background, training. How does that add to kind of the way that you see Antioch ministering? How does that add a lens to what you see in the city?
  • 26:53 How would you respond to the person that thinks they need to have a whole bunch of resources or assets to be able to serve the poor in the city? How does Antioch think about this?
  • 29:00 What’s been the biggest challenge that you’ve faced and then what gives you excitement or hope going forward?
  • 34:16 Resource suggestions? Books, inspirations in terms of church planting, international student ministry, or student ministry, or engaging with the city, or the urban poor?
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    This episode was hosted by Michael Crane and produced by Radius Global Cities Network and Scott Slucher.