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Radius Global Cities Network

Cities are undoubtedly prime influencers of human civilization. Modern cities, coupled with advances in digital and mobile technologies, are increasingly “smart cities” and generate huge amounts of data that can be harvested, mined, and analyzed to support decision making for urban community leaders and activists. By the middle of the 21st century, over 68 percent of the world’s total population will live in the cities. Today’s cities are complex, multifaceted social organizations that demand thoughtful understanding and in-depth research. The think tank exists to meet these challenges of 21st century cities and harness the opportunities to drive forward the welfare of cities and all who live in them.



Resources & Papers

A primary purpose of Radius Global City Network is to collect and produce quality research and thinking about cities. As we build a more complete reference database, these articles offer a small sampling of future resources. One of our goals is to produce more research on cities that have less often received as much attention.

Global Cities Dashboard

This survey of 3,200 cities around the world is one of the many ways we visualize and present complex city data. The dashboard includes cities with population of 100,000 and above as well as capital cities. Click on City Data for additional examples. 


Radius Global Cities Network officially began in 2019 by a small group of scholars with a desire to connect interdisciplinary research with practitioners engaged in urban communities around the world.

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